Welcome to Kenneth Froom Tours, Inc.

Since controlled gambling began at the Ridotto in 1638, gamblers from all departments of life have sought complimentary offers as compensation for the high risks taken in the casino. For centuries, players have developed relationships with hosts, creating prolonged loyalty and mutual benefits. But what happens when someone wants to break out of the routine and go somewhere other than the same old casino? Why should someone have to reestablish the long-developed trust and confidence with a whole new contact?

These are the questions Ken sought to answer back in 1982. Little did he know at the time, he was embarking on a 39-year journey that has established himself and his company as one of the leading junketeer programs in the world. This reputation did not come from time-tested experience alone; the satisfaction provided by Kenneth Froom Tours is evidenced by excellent reviews, repeat bookings and constant referrals.

Keep your gambling for the casino; we don't require an ante.